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vacuum bottle tester - vacuum interrupter testers which provide the latest technology for vacuum interrupter integrity testing (aka vaccum bottle testing) are available from Vacuum Interrupters Inc.

Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Testers
For Field, Shop or Lab Vacuum Interrupter Testing

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vacuum interrupter tester MAC-TS-4
MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Newest Technology: Predicts Useful Life
Use in the field, shop or laboratory
VITS60M vacuum bottle tester
VITS60M Multifunction 3-In-1 Test Set

Includes Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Tester,
2.5/5/10kVdc Megohmmeter and 60kV Hipot

CBT-1201 Circuit Breaker Timer

Captures Breaker Trip, Close and Bounce Times
Suitable For Field And Shop Use
    Vacuum Interrupter Testers
MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set
Uses Newest Test Technology To Predict Usable Life of Vacuum Interrupters

Vacuum Interrupters Inc. provides the MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester, the third generation test set using its patented technology for determining the condition of vacuum interrupters in the field, shop or laboratory. This is a Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) vacuum interrupter test set which utilizes the latest technology to predict the usable life of a vacuum interrupter. Covered by United States Patent numbers 9,032,795 and 9,026,375. If you're looking for the most meaningful vacuum interrupter bottle test, take a look at the outstanding capabilities of our high technology vacuum pressure integrity tester, the MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter test set.

VITS60M 3-In-1 Multifunction Test Set New VITS60M mulitfunction tester: vacuum bottle integrity tester, megohmmeter and hipot
Includes Traditional Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Tester For Go/No-Go Pass/Fail Test Results, 2.5/5/10kVdc Megohmmeter and 60kVdc HiPot

We are please to introduce our newest vacuum interrupter integrity tester (aka vacuum bottle tester), the unique, user-friendly VITS60M. This test set uses the traditional NETA/ANSI/IEEE high voltage dc test for vacuum interrupters to provide basic Go/No-Go Pass/Fail test results. The VITS60M is a rugged, light-weight, completely self-contained tester which incorporates both a 1kVdc-60kVdc high potential test set optimized for testing vacuum interrupters and a 2.5/5/10kVdc megohmmeter for insulation resistance tests. Check out the details of the just introduced VITS60M vaccum interrupter integrity tester which uses traditional pass/fail test technology.

    Circuit Breaker Timer and Timer Interface Units
Our multifunction CBT-1201 circuit breaker timer and CBTI-1201 circuit breaker timer interface units are designed to operate and interact with all types of circuit breakers.

Both units incorporate a 120VAC/120VDC power supply for charging, opening and closing spring charged breakers while outside their cubicle and are available with unique cable sets which significantly simplify and speed connections to the circuit breaker under test. Both units also have provisions to accept and distribute variable voltages from an external power supply.

The CBT-1201 circuit breaker timer unit incorporates a built-in timer which captures trip, close and bounce times. The CBTI-1201 circuit breaker timer interface unit is designed to easily and quickly interface with an external timer.

These circuit breaker testers are covered by United States Patent number 9086447.

Use the following links for additional information on the circuit breaker timer or the circuit breaker timer interface unit.

    If You Already Have Had A Vacuum Interrupter Failure
If you already have had a vacuum interrupter failure, we can provide you a replacement vacuum interrupter (vacuum bottle interrupter), for virtually any manufacturers' medium voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

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Contact Us to discuss your requirements or request additional information on our vacuum interrupter and/or circuit breaker test sets.

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VITS60M multifunction test set: vacuum integrity - megohmmeter - hipot
New 3-in-1 Test Set: vacuum interrupter integrity, megohmmeter, hipot VITS60M New 3-in-1 Test Set: vacuum interrupter integrity, insulation resistance tester, hipot
3-In-1 Multifunction Test Set
  • Vacuum Interrupter Integrity
  • 2.5/5/10kV Megohmmeter
  • 60kV DC HiPot
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