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vacuum bottle tester - vacuum interrupter integrity testers which provide the latest technology for vacuum interrupter testing (aka vaccum bottle testing) are available from Vacuum Interrupters Inc.

Vacuum Interrupter Testers - Vacuum Bottle Testers
For Field, Shop or Lab Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Testing
• MAC-TS4: Unique, Patented Technology Predicts Useful Life
• VITS60M & VITS75M: Traditional Go/No Pass/Fail Testers Which Also Include A
   DC Hipot & 2.5/5/10kVdc Megohmmeter
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vacuum interrupter tester MAC-TS-4
Using newest technology the
MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Tester

Determines vacuum pressure integrity
to determine useful life expectancy.
Can be used in field, shop or lab
vacuum interrupter tester Model VITS60M
VITS60M & VITS70M 3-In-1 Multifunction Test Sets
Vacuum Bottle/Interrupter Integrity Testers

60kVdc or 75kVdc go/no-no pass/fail test set
that follow NETA/ANSI/IEEE standardized DC test methods.
Includes 2.5/5/10kV Megohmmeter & 60kVdc/75kVdc hipot
Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Testers
  • Three test sets available

  • MAC-TS4 useful life expectany tester
      • Predicts useful life
      • Newest test technology
      • Patented
      • Determines pressure inside interrupter
      • Suitable for field, shop or lab use

  • VITS60M & VITS75M go/no-go testers
      • 60kVdc or 75kVdc pass/fail tester
      • Follow NETA/ANSI/IEEE DC test methods
      • Incorporate:
          • 2.5/5/10kVdc megohmmeter
          • 60kVdc or 75kVdc hipot
      • Suitable for field or shop use

  • All 3 are user-friendly, easy-to-use

  • All are rugged, light-weight & very portable

YOU HAVE A CHOICE !! We Have Both The Newest & Traditional Test Technologies

Newest Technology - Better Results
Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) Test Equipment
Determines pressure inside vacuum interrupter
Predicts usable life
United States Patent numbers 9,032,795 and 9,026,375
MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester


Traditional Test Technology
60kVdc or 75kVdc Go/No-Go High Potential Testers
Simple pass/fail test results
Follow NETA/ANSI/IEEE standardized DC test methods
Include 2.5/5/10kVdc megohmmeter & 60kVdc or 75kVdc hipot
VITS60M & VITS75M vacuum interrupter integrity test sets  

Why it's important to test vacuum interrupters (aka vacuum bottles)
All vacuum interrupters (aka vacuum bottles) increase in internal pressure over time. The pressure increase may be due to small, long-path leaks from outside to inside, diffusion through the container materials and/or virtual leaks from materials within the internal volume. Vacuum interrupter manufacturers design and test their vacuum interrupters for a minimum lifetime of twenty to thirty years. Vacuum interrupters may successfully operate beyond this period but it is beyond their design life.

Since the first large influx of vacuum interruption in the early 1970s, the technology has become the most widely applied power interruption technique in the medium voltage range (2.4kV-38kV). Vacuum technology now dominates the interrupter market throughout the world. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of breakers and contactors that use vacuum interrupters in use that were manufactured twenty or more years ago. Inevitably, in-service vacuum interrupter failures caused by vacuum loss have greatly increased over the last ten years.

Consequently, on-site or shop testing of vacuum interrupters is necessary to identify potential problems before failure occurs. Vacuum Interrupters offers the VITS60M and VITS75M, traditional high voltage dc pass/fail testers, and the MAC-TS4 which determines the internal presure of the vacuum interrupter to predict it's useful life.
If you've already have a vacuum interrupter failure
If you've already have a vacuum interrupter failure, we can provide you a replacement vacuum interrupter (vacuum bottle interrupter), for virtually any manufacturers' medium voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

To discuss your requirements, request additional information, or a quotation
Contact Us to discuss your requirements, request additional information or a quotation on our vacuum interrupter testers, circuit breaker timers, or instrument transformer test set.

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